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Madonna masturbating with dildo

May 11, 2010 Author: Maddy | Filed under: Porn

She may be aging and over fifty but then again, who wouldn’t want to fuck a smoking hot wild MILF who’s proven herself a pro in the sex arena over the years? We have seen Madonna’s naked body a shitload of times in magazines, the movies and the world wide web but notice how she stays limber, her tight sexy body forever alluring and her awesome sex drive far more extreme than women in their early twenties. That’s why Madonna is a living legend.
Her beauty and sex appeal is timeless and just to prove to you my point, here are the latest Madonna hardcore pics that will drive your throbbing dick to the nearest chick with a pussy. Seen here is the fine as wine sex siren stripped naked while lying on the bed, legs spread apart while playing her wet shaved pussy with her dildo. Starved for more of Madonna’s hardcore pics? We have it all in this site!

Madonna’s threesome leaked pics

May 11, 2010 Author: Maddy | Filed under: Porn

Have you always thought about what Madonna looks like naked? Or perhaps Madonna sucking a big fat cock while stripped naked on her knees? I’m sure we all have at some point in our lives because while girls twenty years younger than her worry about their cellulitey thighs and flabby waist, this timeless music diva’s body is ripped and oozes pheromone more and more with age.

You’d think at her age Madonna naked is not a pleasing sight to jack off to anymore but let me just prove you wrong here. Seen here is the sexy erotic  vamp in her signature black lace lingerie while spre adding her succulent pussy lips to get some hard pounding from this dude’s big black cock. Hot damn momma!…and if this image alone won’t make your throbbing cock burst outta your pants, then this next image just might. Ladies and gentlemen, Madonna’s threesome fuck scene showing her getting double penetration from two horny stuffs while another guy is jacking off in the corner.

Madonna Porn Pictures

Jun 19, 2008 Author: Maddy | Filed under: Porn

If music had a divine entity, then Madonna would be the ultimate music goddess of all time. Undoubtedly, Madonna is one of the greatest pop acts of all time and she was dubbed by the Media as the “Queen of Pop”. She’s the second female artist to have sold 63 million certified albums worldwide. For all of those who can still remember the controversy surrounding her Sex/Erotica days where the public gave critical and negative publicity when she got all wild and kinky following the release of her Sex book which contained graphic images of the Material Girl doing all sorts of naughty stuff, we got to see the wild side of Madonna and despite her slight downfall due to this incident and we still regard her as one hot babe and sex goddess in the music world. And as a little tribute to this wonderful and enigmatic woman, who literally and bravely considers sex as a way of life, we give to you some of the hottest porn pictures of her that is truly insatiable and titillating for those who worship Madonna like a god and we are happy to bring you Madonna Porn Pictures.

Even though she’s in her late 40’s, Madonna can still pack a punch with her oozing sex appeal and outstanding stage presence. But in here, you get to see her lavishing herself in her carnal desires with a lot of fucking, sucking and cumming going on inside the bedroom! I just couldn’t imagine how hot things could get when you get to plug your throbbing cock inside this music icon’s tight asshole while she straddles on top of you for a cowgirl fuck… dang! All you got to do is click here and knock yourselves out with nothing but smokin’ hardcore Madonna pictures that you can only enjoy at Madonna Porn Pictures.

Madonna versus Mariah

Apr 14, 2008 Author: Maddy | Filed under: News

The two pop divas renew their long-standing rivalry this year as they are set to release their respective new albums within weeks of each other. Mariah’s “E=MC2” and Madonna’s “Hard Candy” are set to barge in the top music charts all over the world. The two are looking to duplicate or even surpass the sales of their previous albums.

Mariah is coming from the success of 2005’s “The Emancipation of Mimi” which sold 5.8 million copies and was her biggest hit after a public breakdown, marking her comeback into the record industry. Her single “Touch My Body” zoomed to the top of the Billboard’s Hot 100, making her second to The Beatles for most no. 1 hits ever on the chart. Madonna is equally successful in her previous album “Confessions on a Dance Floor” and is looking to duplicate her 2000 chart topper single “Music” with first single from the new album “4 minutes” moving up the Billboard charts. “4 Minutes” is Madonna’s 37th top ten hit in the U.S., breaking Elvis’ record of 36 top ten hits held for almost forty years. “Hard Candy” will be Madonna’s last album for long-time label Warner Bros. before she works with concert promoter Live Nation.

Mariah’s new approach caters to the younger crowd. As John Ivey, program director for KIIS-FM in L.A. said, “She has all these kids that now think she’s relevant again.” Madonna is using the same strategy in her new album as she collaborated with Justin Timberlake, Pharell Williams and Timbaland, giving her a more hip-hop and uptempo sound than previous records. And one can not help but notice that Madonna’s new album encroaches on Mariah’s territory, what with the collaborations with younger crowd favourites Justin Timberlake and Timbaland.

Good to know that there is again a healthy rivalry in the pop music industry nowadays. Two of the most well-known pop icons from the 80s and 90s are still making waves at present. Expect these divas to continue touring and performing with the trademark style they have established in the past.

Celebrity adoptions and their effects

Apr 14, 2008 Author: Maddy | Filed under: News

Madonna created controversy in 2006 when she adopted a boy from Malawi. The child, named David Banda, is not an orphan in the sense that he still has a father. But the child has spent most of his life in an orphanage in the southern African country. Contrary to Malawian law, which prohibits adoption by non-residents, Madonna was granted permission to adopt the child.

There always to sides to a story. In this one, there is the obvious benefit and privileges the child will experience as an adopted child with Madonna, one of the richest and most able persons in the world to provide him with a better life. But there is also the long-term effect of this kind of adoption. A child picked up by a celebrity from a third-world country will automatically be put in the media spotlight. Regardless of the motive of the adopting person, the move will generate publicity for that celebrity. Many people also argue that it is not in the best interests of the child in most cases of international adoption. An industry concerned with profit and not the welfare of orphans has developed because of the growth of international adoptions. “Abuses include the sale and abduction of children, coercion of parents, and bribery, as well as trafficking to individuals whose intentions are to exploit rather than care for children,” UNICEF said. Some parents even give up their children in the belief that they will have a “better life in the west”.

In my opinion, international adoption is not the only way to help orphans in impoverished countries. It may also not be the best way. A person can donate and support foundations that will keep the children in their home countries, which will ensure that they grow up and contribute more to their society. We can give these children a chance to give back to their community if we help in providing them with education, health care and basic needs like clothing, food and shelter. Of course, there will be cases where international adoption MAY be in the best interests of the children. So this issue is really two-sided. One just has to think of the long term interest of the child in question. What is best for the child should always be paramount and considered carefully.

Madonna dumps recording company

Apr 14, 2008 Author: Maddy | Filed under: News

A lot of well-known artists have been reported to dump their respective recording companies. These include Nine Inch Nails, Jamiroquai and Oasis. Big names leaving their labels such as these groups have spread speculative rumors about the end of the recording studio industry. In the current music industry, recording companies are becoming redundant and not required as digital downloads and peer-to-peer music sharing have become more popular. Now you can add Madonna, one of the biggest names in music, to the growing list of acts leaving the recording industry.

Madonna has signed a 120-million deal with L.A.-based concert promotion outfit Live Nation. Live Nation will distribute three studio albums, promote concert tours, sell merchandise and license Madonna’s name. Although Madonna will still not offer direct-to-public albums, Live Nation is not a record company. Madonna’s move may well be the tipping point from where more recording artists will dump labels and join the bandwagon.

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